CFCAs upcoming webinar: Working with fathers who use violence

by The Multicultural Network
  • July 22nd, 2020
  • Presenters: Cathy Humphreys, Emma Rogers, Steven Lock, Jackie Wruck

    Facilitator: Michele Robinson

    Wednesday, 22 July 2020 1:00–2:00 pm AEDT. Find your time zone.

    Women and children living with violence can experience inconsistent responses from different service systems. While domestic and family violence (DFV) services often focus on supporting them to separate from men who use violence, the family law system generally allows contact between parents who use violence and their children.

    This webinar builds on the learnings from Sadie’s story, a webinar produced in collaboration with ANROWS highlighting one woman’s challenges with a fragmented system. It adds to this earlier webinar by exploring how all-of-family approaches can help address the differences between service systems and the need to work with men who use violence. In particular, this webinar will draw on ANROWS-funded research that highlights a need for practitioners to: 

    • make patterns of violence and control visible and understandable
    • partner with women to ensure safe and effective practice
    • apply all-of-family approaches to better meet the needs of women and children.

    Presenters will invite the audience to consider how services can use an all-of-family approach to working with men who use violence, and demonstrate the skills needed to ‘pivot to the perpetrator’. They will also explore how to work safely with families, including culturally competent practice with Aboriginal men who use violence.

    This webinar would be of interest to professionals working in the fields of DFV, men’s behaviour change programs, child protection, family relationship services, family support services and related services.

    We encourage you to test your system before the webinar, and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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