Information-Covid 19

You can find information about what is happening in our communities, how it affects our life, the new things we need to adapt to as well as the great support services available to the communities, especially to the aged and vulnerable people.    

Information enquiries

Please let us know what information you are interested in by email Please specify if you prefer the information in other languages.

Support Services

Strengthening the emergency preparedness of vulnerable older people

Australian Red Cross has launched a new national telephone service for the COVID-19 pandemic to help build connections as home isolation forced by the pandemic brings a sharp increase in people reporting feelings of social isolation and loneliness

2 audio products about COVID-19 support on Services Australia’s sound cloud playlist that customers can listen to in 12 languages: The audio files, along with the transcripts, can also be accessed via the Affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage.

An easy read English product titled How we’re helping people affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) has also been produced and is available on COVID-19 resources for community groups.

Corona Mental Wellbeing Support Service

How to stop Centrelink debt payments

State Government support for businesses, employees and jobseekers to help manage the impact of COVID-19

Red Cross’s Emergency relief and casework support for temporary visa holders

A NSW subsidised transport service for those severe and permanent disability

More financial support for people affected by coronavirus

Emergency relief support for people on temporary visas

RRT Family Food Box Distribution Initiative: call is 13 77 88. Please refer to Covid-19 Food Box flyer below.