CBCity Resilience Strategy - Service provider online engagement session

by Canterbury Bankstown Council
  • August 2nd, 2021
  • CBCity is preparing a Resilience Strategy to set out a vision for creating a resilient community that is connected and prepared for emergencies and change.

    Resilient cities have the ability to prepare for, recover and adapt to shocks and stressors. Chronic stressors are ongoing and felt on a day-to-day basis. Examples include rising inequality, effects of climate change, lack of social cohesion and inadequate public transport. Acute shocks are sudden, sharp events that threaten a city such as heatwaves, floods, disease outbreaks and cyber-attacks.

    The Resilience Strategy will enable CBCity to be a more prepared, responsive, connected and sustainable city that can adapt and thrive into the future.

    The strategy will align with the directions in Resilient Sydney 2018, which was developed in collaboration with the NSW State Government, local councils, businesses and the community within the Metropolitan Sydney area. CBCity is a Resilient Sydney Ambassador, and through the development of our Resilience Strategy is committed to helping to strengthen the resilience of Greater Sydney.

    You’re invited to participate

    As part of Council’s Resilience Strategy Development we would like to invite service providers to attend an online engagement session. The consultation process will help to identify our strengths, vulnerabilities and priorities for action. This will allow Council’s consultants, Cred Consulting to capture information that will be incorporated into Council’s Resilience Strategy.

    The online engagement session for service providers will be held:

    Date: Monday 2 August 2021

    Time: 11.00am-12.30pm

    Registration essential to ensure meaningful engagement – To register, CLICK HERE

    Zoom link will be sent to registered attendees prior to session.

     This online based session will be facilitated by Cred Consulting with Council staff also present. This is an important opportunity for us to ensure that we have a better picture of the issues faced by our broader community and as service providers your input is vitally important to us.

     Not a service provider OR can’t attend the online session?

    There is also an online survey that we encourage all residents, service providers or interested parties to complete – CLICK HERE to complete the online survey.

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