Talking about changes from childhood to adolescence 从⼉童期到⻘春期

by Chinese Parents Association
  • October 15th, 2019
  • Webinar For Chinese Families

    Positive Partnerships and Chinese Parents Association-Children with Disabilities Inc. 

    invite you to join a webinar to learn how to teach your children about puberty and relationships.

    Discuss the importance of educating young people on the spectrum about sexuality.

    Explore how the characteristics of autism impact on an individual’s understanding and experiences of sexuality.

    Share some practical resources and information that may assist you at home and/or school in supporting young people on the spectrum

    Topic: Talking about changes from childhood to adolescence

    During this webinar, you can just listen, learn or ask questions and interact with others via text. 

    Your face will not appear on the screen. Join us from home or office, anywhere you like!

    Welcome to join with a partner, family member or friend and learn together.

    Date: 15th Oct 2019

    Time: 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm

    Chinese interpretation is available

    To register, visit

    For Help: 0481 912 213 (Chinese) or 0401 106 096 (English)


    ⻬來參加Positive Partnerships 和 澳洲弱能⼉童協康會(CPA)


     題⽬: 從⼉童期到⻘春期討論教導⾃閉症年輕⼈關於性教育的重要性 





    ⽇期: 10⽉15⽇ 星期⼆

    時間: 晚上 7:45 to 8:45


    查詢請電: 0481 912 213 (中⽂) 或 0401 106 096 (英語)


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